Ali Fareed Lutfi

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Ali Fareed Lutfi

- Vice President Government and Regulatory Affairs
Ali Fareed Lutfi is a hardworking, experienced young Emirati.  He has a reputation for achieving positive results and efficiency with minimum complications.  He can be expected to handle perplexing situations with ease and finesse. This means thinking outside the box sometimes, and coming up with a creative solution that is outside the ordinary, which is what he does well!

Ali utilizes his increasing technical, operational, organisational, communication, negotiating and marketing skills to accomplish corporate objectives and resolve issues with his unique blend of being a highly motivated individual.  He combines his talents and accompanying international, regional, and national experience to support a forming company or an established company.

Ali has the skill to look at a situation from different angles and still handle the circumstances in a timely manner while building a good corporate reputation as well as promoting customer loyalty.  With his proven connections, he knows how to network within the community both as a business tool and on a personal level.

He has a history of increasing responsibilities and successes, including defining and accomplishing specific and complex special task projects and assignments.  He has excellent customer relations, is an agreeable, well mannered, likeable personality with an outstanding reputation for honesty, integrity and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Ali possesses the ability to understand, organise and manage a diverse workforce and workload with demonstrated corporate loyalty and workforce stability, facilitating long range favourable results and consistency.

Ali Fareed Lutfi has served as Managing General Agent for American Income Life Insurance Co, Seattle, WA, USA, and Director Middle East Operations for Sinclair Investment, Seattle, WA, USA.  In the UAE he has served as Sales Manager, Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC, Dubai, and Assistant Vice President with Gateway Insurance Brokers, Dubai.   Currently Ali works as a Business Development Manager, ADNIC, Dubai, UAE.

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